New RailTrack Module from Kipod

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Kipod is happy to present its new RailTrack module. Its strongest advantage is the fact that the detector does not consider people boarding and deboarding the train as an alarm event due to the train rule region. So if the train gets in the camera view, the person detection is automatically turned off, unless the train starts moving and gets out of the detector view. This feature greatly improves operator’s work efficiency as it allows them to concentrate only on real alarm events.

In the past, conventional video analytics was generating false alarms upon train arrival and departure as well as upon passengers boarding and deboarding the train. Now the RailTrack module notifies the user only when real alarm event occurs, not considering the train itself and the passengers.

Kipod Cloud Video Analytics Platform at TIBO-2016

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Kipod has demonstrated a new cloud video analytics platform during the TIBO-2016 exhibition in Minsk. Unlike traditional video management systems, the Kipod cloud video analytics platform provides important carrier class features:

  • instant video content search across big data from any web browser and mobile device
  • scalability beyond 1M users, 1M cameras and 1M PT (1 exabyte) video storage
  • tier 3 availability with full redundancy and background software updates
  • open source software infrastructure (Linux, Kubernetes, Cassandra and Ceph)

Expanding the Market: Kipod Office Opened in Azerbaijan

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Kipod established its presence in Azerbaijan and opened a new office in Baku. The director of the branch, Rashid Karamov, considers the new business opportunities for Kipod to be vast and really advantageous.
Kipod business operations in Azerbaijan are headed by Rashid Karamov. The official opening of Baku office took place on June 2, 2016. The office is placed on the fifteenth floor of a brand-new business-center «AF BUSINESS HOUSE» right in the middle of the city. The team consists of 50 members, among which there are 38 specialists in the sphere of information technologies led by Ahadi Parviz. 

Why Facial Recognition Still Matters in Security Solutions

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Biometric verification has gone a long way, from fingerprints to now widely deployed iris recognition. As well somewhere in the middle lies facial recognition still used maybe by not so many end users, but definitely by a number of other services, such as banks and airports. And it does not seem to disappear as it remains a vital part of modern security solutions. So what is facial recognition and why does it still matter in an overwhelming world of biometrics and video analytics applications?

Facial recognition system is based on artificial intelligence and is able to verify and recognize a face. The recognition process is done in few steps: first, the system detects a face, then aligns, extracts certain features and afterwards match the face to the one in the database. Sounds simple, but the system has to use deep learning neural networks to provide accurate results and ensure satisfactory level of recognition.

Number Plate Recognition by Kipod: Deploying OCR in Module Development

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Kipod NumberTrack module is a must for modern security requirements. Partially based on deep learning neural systems, the NPR module is easy to use and provides accurate results.

The automatic license plate recognition technology uses optical character recognition in order to convert the image (number plate) into machine-encoded text, which will be used for further vehicle recognition and search. OCR is referred to artificial intelligence, which gains immense popularity among industry leaders as it provides accurate results and increases work efficiency.

Kipod FaceTrack Module Uses Machine Learning Technology

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Kipod’s face recognition module is based on deep learning neural networks and is able to identify and verify a person and notify the user if any alarm event takes place. Such system greatly enhances security and improves monitoring accuracy.

Nowadays artificial intelligence is used in a number of spheres, including security. Based on machine learning, the industry is able to develop such modules as face recognition, number-plate recognition and audio recognition. One of the most deployed is facial recognition module, which is a great asset for operators and

New Kipod Office Opened in Toronto

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Kipod strives to expand and explore new markets and recently the company opened a new office in Toronto, Canada. Blending into multicultural environment, Kipod is now having vast opportunities ahead and is aiming to become part of a huge IT community in Toronto.

Kipod is happy to announce that it opened its office in Toronto, Canada, on March 11, 2016. Since Toronto is becoming a rapidly emerging new hub for multinational IT companies, being a viable alternative to California & NYC, Kipod is looking forward to vast opportunities ahead. Among them are simple single site security systems and multi-site enterprise systems, to start with.

Artificial Intelligence in CCTV: New Level of Security

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Kipod applies artificial intelligence in its video and audio analytics modules and thus takes a huge step in video surveillance and intellectual security, as these modules increase operators’ work efficiency and allows more accurate and careful event monitoring.

Artificial intelligence has great variety of subfields but the one that is of particular interest for the industry is machine learning and its branch, deep learning. In turn, deep learning algorithms are used in developing such modules as face and number plate recognition. It was first deployed by Facebook for the face recognition of its users and later became widespread among other developers.

IFSEC-2016: Visiting the Biggest European Security Trade Show

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IFSEC-2016, as always, has been an impressive and unforgettable event. Hosting the very best industry leaders, having riveting keynotes and presenting the latest technologies in security and fire technology, IFSEC once again became the biggest European security trade show.

The number of guests was estimated to be about 40,000 and there were about 600 exhibitors, demonstrating more than 10,000 of their products. And this year IFSEC-2016 had three immensely inspirational speakers: Colonel Tim Collins, Kate Adie and James Cracknell. As well IFSEC hosted a number of industry leaders in the sphere of live video monitoring and rule based analytics which was of great interest for us, since this is our specialization. 

Kipod Security Solution for “Start” Stadium in Saratov City

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Together with Dallmeier video analytics system (Germany), KIpod offered stadium safety and security solution for “Start” stadium in Saratov City. The system includes face detection and is integrated with ticketing system in order to identify fans and notify the operator, if the fan is in “black list” for anti-social behavior.

Stadium security systems are widely deployed for sport objects security as they aid in preventing crime, terror and violent behavior. This is possible due to deeply integrated ticketing systems and intellectual video analytics systems.

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