Meet Us at the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo in Austin, TX

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On June 25-28, Kipod Video Analytics will attend the Smart Cities Connect Conference in Austin. The 2017 Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo, co-located with the US Ignite Application Summit, convenes 200+ global city leaders to prospect and partner with innovative technology and service providers. Kipod will be showcasing our Safe Cities solutions, and demonstrating our innovative video analytics platform among more than 50 other startups at the expo.

Smart Cities require smart minds, and Kipod is determined to ensure to its clients that their security is in the most capable hands. Kipod Video Analytics is a Platinum Winner of AST ASTORS Awards program (Homeland Security Award of American Security today), in the Best Video Analytics Solution nomination, being recognized as one of the top firms in the field.
Leveraging AI, Cloud and Big Data technologies, Kipod is a cutting-edge solution for Public Safety and Law Enforcement in Smart Cities. Using the most advanced machine learning algorithms and video content analytics (VCA),  Kipod provides instant search and access to the vast data of CCTV video and enables real-time crime detection.

Meet Kipod Video Analytics at ISC West 2017

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On April 5-6, Kipod Video Analytics will be at ISC West, the best place to discuss partnerships and create new lines of business in security vertical. Don’t miss this opportunity and book your meeting now.

About Kipod Video Analytics

Kipod Video Analytics is the industry’s first carrier grade cloud platform for video content analytics and alarm monitoring. Kipod enables instant search across CCTV video big data and real-time crime detection. Kipod Video Analytics is a Platinum Winner of AST ASTORS Awards program (Homeland Security Award of American Security today), in Best Video Analytics Solution nomination, being recognized as one of the top firms in the field.

About ISC West

ISC WEST is THE largest security industry trade show in the U.S. At ISC West you will have the chance to network with over 29,000 security professionals.

Meet us at Intel Developers Forum 2016, San Francisco 16-18 August

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Kipod is pleased to announce that it is going to take part in Intel Development Forum in San Francisco 2016.

Intel Development Forum, as organizers put it, “spans the worlds of continuum computing, architectural innovation, intelligent connected solutions, software tools and technology and research”. The forum will draw key industry leaders and will demonstrate latest innovations in the spheres of Data Center Software & Security, Internet of Things (IOT), technology & research and mobile devices.

Similar Face Search for Stronger Security

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Similar face search by Kipod is aimed at detecting a person and identifying the events, in which the person was involved. Similar face search is used in security purposes as it allows to detect even unrecognized faces by comparing them to the ones in the database.

Kipod video analytics module includes face recognition, which is widely used for security purposes. Based on deep learning neural networks, the module can identify and recognize faces by comparing them to the ones, stored in the database. As well face recognition module is able to support wide range of turning angles for face identification and the system notifies the user in case a person tries to hide his/her face.

Kipod TamperAlarm Module

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Kipod video analytics has tampering alarm feature that notifies the operators and technical support whenever any scene changes happen to the camera, such as drastic light change, defocusing and light striking. Such feature ensures constant and proper camera work and allows to immediately react on any changes in the camera view.

Since Kipod mainly focuses on video analytics, it is important to always provide excellent quality of the video and timely notify the user whenever any changes occur in the camera view. Thus Kipod TamperAlarm detects video quality issues and camera sabotage events: camera shifts, defocusing, etc. This feature is used for both outdoor and indoor cameras. Tampering alarm is realized on the service detector base.

Kipod AudioAlarm Module for Enhanced Security

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As one of its security solutions, Kipod offers AudioAlarm module, which has few advantages in comparison to video analytics. Being able to work under any conditions and having low service costs, audio analytics is a valuable asset for your security purposes.

Same as face recognition module, intelligent audio system by Kipod is based on machine learning technology. The goal of recognizing various alarm sounds can be divided into two sub-tasks: detection of sudden alarm sounds and classification of the sound. The system adjuts to the current level of background noise and is then able to detect alarm events, depending on the background noise level. It is also worth mentioning the system adjusts to background sounds dynamically, meaning it considers if the noise level rises or falls.

Kipod Mobile App Offers Video Content Search From Mobile Device

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Kipod mobile app is the only video surveillance app in the market that enables video content search. This application is a perfect solution for the users, who need to access the video cameras and database from their mobile device.

The main feature offered by Kipod mobile app is the user’s ability to search the video archive in order to find particular event, person, vehicle, etc. This allows the operator to instantly find required information and take action in preventing any sort of crime or unwanted event.

Visual Video Content Search With SideTrack Module

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SideTrack is optimized for outdoor environment with side angle of view. SideTrack detects, tracks and recognizes objects, moving in the field of camera view.

Kipod uses the following search tools to perform search in the video content:

  • Area of interest
  • Signal line
  • Object appearance/disappearance

Interactive Multiple Camera Tracking

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Kipod offers multiple camera tracking analytics solutions that allow to build and monitor the movement path of an object via multiple cameras. Technology is based on artificial intelligence and is able to analyze all video channels in a cumulative way.

Camera tracking software enables tracking via web interface. First, the user has to log into the system and choose camera of interest. Now there are two options to perform multicamera tracking.

White Walkers Restricted: Kipod is used for Game of Thrones Film Set Security

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Kipod is proud to announce that it ensures security at Game of Thrones film set.

Game of Thrones show is full of dangerous creatures: dragons, wights, White Walkers and, after all, Queen Cersei Lannister herself. However, what is going on behind the scenes usually remains completely private and thus has to be properly secured. And in order to protect a GoT filming set in Northern Ireland, Metro CCTV used Kipod to ensure security during night time.

Kipod’s main functions are securing the film set during night time and notifying the user if any alarm event happens. Audio recognition module is a perfect solution to carry out these tasks and serves as highly efficient intrusion detection system.

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