IFSEC-2016: Visiting the Biggest European Security Trade Show

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IFSEC-2016, as always, has been an impressive and unforgettable event. Hosting the very best industry leaders, having riveting keynotes and presenting the latest technologies in security and fire technology, IFSEC once again became the biggest European security trade show.

The number of guests was estimated to be about 40,000 and there were about 600 exhibitors, demonstrating more than 10,000 of their products. And this year IFSEC-2016 had three immensely inspirational speakers: Colonel Tim Collins, Kate Adie and James Cracknell. As well IFSEC hosted a number of industry leaders in the sphere of live video monitoring and rule based analytics which was of great interest for us, since this is our specialization. 

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This year IFSEC had a drone zone, which was a must-see for the visitors. These days drones are gaining a lot of attention and they have wide application range: perimeter security, intruder alarm notifications, investigation of fire scenes and surveillance. The clients include mostly security services, such as police, but private businesses also started paying attention to this technology. The IFSEC Drone Zone demonstrated drones in action and showed how they can be used for the benefit of your organization.

Another interesting zone was a Smart Home, built right on the exhibition floor and fully packed. The IFSEC visitors had a chance to walk through the house and experience the products themselves, seeing how technology allows to optimize your living environment and make it more comfortable and secure. We especially enjoyed the product presented by Control4: home automation systems for personalized control of light, music, security, etc. As well Smart Home concept included smart security systems, like smart alarms and locks. It is worth mentioning that Smart Home could also deploy video analytics solutions in order to enhance security.

Image taken from: http://www.ifsec.co.uk/#swipebox

As well it was worth paying attention to Commander Simon Letchford at IFSEC panel discussion. Commander spoke about such major issue as trust and stable relationship between police and businesses, that should be built in order to prevent and fight crime. Cmdr Letchford emphasized it was vital for businesses and police to freely exchange the information that could be important. He said that the changes are already taking place, with every London borough having SPOC (single person point of contact) through which business initiatives can engage with police officers. Cmdr Letchford also outlined 3 main areas of focus:

  • Ensuring common approach to managing crime, considering 43 different police forces
  • Having a single opinion about what initiatives to support
  • Coming up with a way to share intelligence across UK businesses

Of course the trade show offered much more than the zones above. The industry leaders represented great variety of security services: remote video surveillance systems, physical security, solutions for installers and much more. The overall exhibition atmosphere was busy but friendly at the same time, offering not only product demonstration but opportunity for the network and establishing new connections and partnerships.  

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