Kipod and Metro CCTV collaboration for GO automatic filling stations

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Kipod and Metro CCTV, the leading company based in Cookstown Northern Ireland in the field of CCTV design and maintenance, collaborated together to offer video surveillance and video analytics solutions for GO automatic filling stations in Ireland and the United Kingdom. As petrol stations are normally very busy because of the traffic volume and since they are automatic, meaning no operator is required, it was important to implement a system that would allow to keep a record of events, perform quick search in the data archive and monitor employee and client behavior. Kipod and Metro CCTV merged their products together in order to create an individually tailored solution for GO stations.

Challenge 1. High event rates

Since patrol stations are usually incredibly busy due to the high traffic volumes, the GO station required live video monitoring across multiple locations. As well such busy environment did not allow operators to focus on important events as they had to observe everything that occurs. The Kipod video analytics patent technology for event ranking allowed to formidably minimize the agents’ effort in Metro CCTV control rooms and significantly increased their efficiency.

Challenge 2. Bandwidth constrained connection

The connection was going through 3G modem, which resulted in high traffic expenses. Kipod solved this problem by constraining the uplink bandwidth. This resulted in reduced costs and increased the working speed, thus affecting the work efficiency and results.

Challenge 3. Multi-user access from any device

Another problem was that agents could get access to the data only from control room, which also limited their work efficiency and was inconvenient. GO station management and personnel wished to access the cameras from any device. After implementing Kipod video analytics system, the GO and Metro CCTV agents were able to gain remote access to the events and archive from any device and any point. This implementation expanded their work possibilities and allowed them to perform constant monitoring of events.

CCTV Metro

Metro CCTV monitoring center running Kipod Station


Collaboration of Kipod and Metro CCTV resulted in significant improvement of work process at GO automatic filling stations. Not only did it benefit security, but also aided in making the work process more organized and easier to monitor. Among the most major benefits are:

  • Significant cost-reduction for security and custom servics for GO petrol stations
  • Full transperency of the operations to the GO management

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