Kipod AudioAlarm Module for Enhanced Security

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As one of its security solutions, Kipod offers AudioAlarm module, which has few advantages in comparison to video analytics. Being able to work under any conditions and having low service costs, audio analytics is a valuable asset for your security purposes.

Same as face recognition module, intelligent audio system by Kipod is based on machine learning technology. The goal of recognizing various alarm sounds can be divided into two sub-tasks: detection of sudden alarm sounds and classification of the sound. The system adjuts to the current level of background noise and is then able to detect alarm events, depending on the background noise level. It is also worth mentioning the system adjusts to background sounds dynamically, meaning it considers if the noise level rises or falls.

Intelligent audio detection has few important advantages that should be taken into consideration:

  • Ability to work under any conditions

While video analytics may not deliver excellent results in heavy snow, night time or rain, audio analytics data quality does not depend on the environment. Thus audio analytics can work in any weather, day and night time and is therefore a highly efficient security tool.

  • Reduced cost for equipment and maintenance

The cost of the microphones and its maintenance is significantly lower than cost of video cameras. And since microphones can be installed in the cameras, the user will receive increased security, expanded monitoring possibilities while the service costs will remain relatively low.

  • The data flow of audio data has smaller volume than the one of video data

While the data flow from the video can be quite massive and often requires high bandwidth, the audio data flow volume is smaller and thus claims more loyal requirements for the bandwidth.

  • Easy and convenient installation

The microphone can be installed in a video camera and thus it eliminated additional equipment costs for the user.

Audio alarm by Kipod can recognize the sounds of breaking glass, scream and gunshot while ignoring the background noise. The module is an essential tool for providing security and it can be used in various areas. Firstly, audio analytics is used for preventing terroristic actions by recognizing the alarm sound (gunshot audio detection, i.e.) and notifying the user about it immediately. In this way instant action can be taken in order to prevent a crime. Secondly, audio analytics can also be deployed for public safety in order to provide security on street level and prevent such actions as highjacking, robbery and fights. This module can be deployed for home security as well, in order to enhance it and prevent any unwanted events in time.

Even though audio analytics is a powerful security tool, it is worth combining it with video analytics to achieve better results in monitoring and safety. For example, audio recognition in video is able to verify an alarm event, detected by video analytics.

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