Kipod Cloud Video Analytics Platform at TIBO-2016

 /  Author: Irina Linnik, PR & Marketing Manager  /  Categories: Government

Kipod has demonstrated a new cloud video analytics platform during the TIBO-2016 exhibition in Minsk. Unlike traditional video management systems, the Kipod cloud video analytics platform provides important carrier class features:

  • instant video content search across big data from any web browser and mobile device
  • scalability beyond 1M users, 1M cameras and 1M PT (1 exabyte) video storage
  • tier 3 availability with full redundancy and background software updates
  • open source software infrastructure (Linux, Kubernetes, Cassandra and Ceph)

Kipod has demonstrated live video monitoring and forensic tools of the cloud video analytics platform in the urban environment of the city of Minsk. Cutting edge video and audio recognition technologies based on Deep Learning Neural Networks have been presented including:

  • Face recognition and identification
  • Number plate recognition and vehicle identification
  • Human behaviour video analytics
  • Sound recognition (audio analytics)

Dr Nikolai Ptitsyn, Kipod’ CEO, said: “The Kipod cloud video analytics platform revolutionises urban CCTV thanks to a cutting edge cloud architecture and machine learning technologies. Authorized users from different organizations can quickly search millions of gigabytes of video content in a very simple way, like they search the Internet.

Kipod cloud video analytics capabilities increase the operators’ work efficiency by prioritizing their time and effort, improve visitor screening and enhance security by reacting timely to alarm monitor. For example, the platform will alert its users whenever an unexpected behaviour or a certain face appears in a camera view.

One of the Kipod extensions is audio analytics module which can detect a scream, a gunshot and a sound of glass breaking while ignoring a background noise. A standard camera microphone can be used, so no additional hardware is required. This feature improves overall system efficiency by being able to work in any conditions and not being affected by weather and time of the day.

Kipod number-plate recognition (NPR) feature allows to conduct quick and efficient search within the archive under few minutes and easily identify vehicle of interest and unwanted movement. The system can also integrate with parking billing system, which can aid in preventing employees from excessively using their authority.


Colonel General Leonid Maltsev of Border Control Committee suggested that: “Kipod system should be deployed for field trial on the border control objects and it should further be implemented within the country”.

Technavio’s  analyst predicts steady growth of the global video surveillance in the role of service market at a CAGR of over 28% and also suggests that the market will exceed $6 billion by 2020 (Global Video Surveillance As A Service Market, 2016, Technavio).

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