Number Plate Recognition by Kipod: Deploying OCR in Module Development

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Kipod NumberTrack module is a must for modern security requirements. Partially based on deep learning neural systems, the NPR module is easy to use and provides accurate results.

The automatic license plate recognition technology uses optical character recognition in order to convert the image (number plate) into machine-encoded text, which will be used for further vehicle recognition and search. OCR is referred to artificial intelligence, which gains immense popularity among industry leaders as it provides accurate results and increases work efficiency.

The number plate recognition module by Kipod has several important features:

  • High probability of valid recognition in real conditions due to embedded algorithm of analysis and results correction
  • No recognition settings due to the use of intellectual adaptive algorithms
  • Low computational resource-intensity due to original algorithms of area search with number and symbol recognition
  • NPL ability to recognize number plates of European Union and North America

One of the solutions, offered by the ANPR system, is, obviously, vehicle recognition. It allows to monitor and control the movement of the vehicle on the territory of set area and perform instant search in the data base. As well the LPR module can be integrated with parking billing system. It allows to prevent employees from using their authority and guarantee that there are no breaches in the billing. In addition the instant database search allows to detect and find a vehicle of interest within minutes. The user can also create number plate lists and in case the vehicle is found in this list, the user will be notified with alarm monitor.

Automatic number plate recognition, together with other video surveillance modules, was presented by Kipod as part of the state monitoring system for public safety. SMS can further be used for smart city project realization, as the main goal of the project is to create safe environment for the citizens and ensure their safety.

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