Kipod Security Solution for “Start” Stadium in Saratov City

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Together with Dallmeier video analytics system (Germany), KIpod offered stadium safety and security solution for “Start” stadium in Saratov City. The system includes face detection and is integrated with ticketing system in order to identify fans and notify the operator, if the fan is in “black list” for anti-social behavior.

Stadium security systems are widely deployed for sport objects security as they aid in preventing crime, terror and violent behavior. This is possible due to deeply integrated ticketing systems and intellectual video analytics systems.

Stadium solutions from Kipod security systems greatly enhance security and guarantee safety at the object.

Solution 1. Face recognition of the fans

Kipod system offers face detection system that will be able to detect a person’s face. Based on deep learning neural networks, the system can recognize a face and send notification if the person is in black list or is not allowed to the stadium. So every person upon entrance and exit is detected and recognized as well as people on the tribunes due to the reversing chambers.

Solution 2. Video monitoring of the object

Due to integration with video monitoring system Dallmeier (GE), Kipod also offers video monitoring of the stadium in order to guarantee security and safety in the stadium and prevent any anti-social and violent behavior.

Solution 3. Integration with the ticketing system

The integration with SkiData ticketing system (GE) allows to monitor the fans, entering the stadium through the turngate. The President of Russian Federation signed the act that introduces obligatory ticket purchase and stadium entrance by passport only. As well the black lists will be created and posted on MIA website that will include people who are prohibited from entering the stadium. So upon checking in with a ticket , the system will check the system with database and in case the person is in the black list, the turngate will be blocked and the person not allowed to enter.

In addition, Kipod security solutions for stadiums and open spaces offer instant database search for the operators that would allow them to reduce time, spent on search and take immediate action in order to prevent any unwanted events.

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