Interactive Multiple Camera Tracking

 /  Author: Irina Linnik, PR & Marketing Manager  /  Categories: Technology

Kipod offers multiple camera tracking analytics solutions that allow to build and monitor the movement path of an object via multiple cameras. Technology is based on artificial intelligence and is able to analyze all video channels in a cumulative way.

Camera tracking software enables tracking via web interface. First, the user has to log into the system and choose camera of interest. Now there are two options to perform multicamera tracking.

It is possible to track a certain person if this person is recognized by the camera. It will be possible in case the camera has face recognition module. Thus, the user has to choose one of the cameras with this module in order to track this person. The chosen camera will show an event with the person of interest and nearby cameras, located on the sidebar, will show other events with this person.

If the camera is not able to recognize a person, the user can simply see and track relevant events, such as a person entering the elevator, etc. In this case the user chooses any camera of interest and on the sidebar he/she will see all events, relevant to the one shown on the main camera.

It should also be said that a certain person can be tracked in case he/she wears one bright color, so the system can identify him/her by the color of the clothes even if the camera does not have face recognition module. Otherwise the module is required so that a certain person can be tracked.

The system is able to fix a particular object and perform scanning, whether there has been any action/movement involved with the object and detected on other cameras. As well Kipod video analytics minimizes the amount of false alarms upon the object relocation from one camera to another and allows the operator to get a complete movement path. 

The multi camera surveillance system is widely used in security and safety purposes, but also in transport and retail. It allows to detect unwanted behavior and prevent alarm events. Intellectual video-detectors significantly increase the work efficiency and minimize the amount of false alarms, thus eliminating the pressure on operators. Kipod also synchronized the multicamera search algorithm to be used together with video cameras and thermal cameras.


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