Kipod TamperAlarm Module

 /  Author: Irina Linnik, PR & Marketing Manager  /  Categories: Technology

Kipod video analytics has tampering alarm feature that notifies the operators and technical support whenever any scene changes happen to the camera, such as drastic light change, defocusing and light striking. Such feature ensures constant and proper camera work and allows to immediately react on any changes in the camera view.

Since Kipod mainly focuses on video analytics, it is important to always provide excellent quality of the video and timely notify the user whenever any changes occur in the camera view. Thus Kipod TamperAlarm detects video quality issues and camera sabotage events: camera shifts, defocusing, etc. This feature is used for both outdoor and indoor cameras. Tampering alarm is realized on the service detector base.

The detector of too dark image reacts on the image becoming too dark, that may happen in case someone shuts the lens, the lightning system stops functioning or automatic camera exposition fails to function.

The detector of too bright image reacts on the light ray that is directed at the camera. It is used to identify the cases of intentional (or unintentional) light striking of light sensor matrix.

The defocusing/camera shift detector sends a notification in case the image loses its definition due to the following reasons:

  • Lens pollution
  • Lens defocusing
  • Laying a filter on the lens
  • Fog getting in the camera view
  • Formed condensation on the lens

Due to its features, Kipod TamperAlarm is a useful tool to provide security and safety of guarded object, as it immediately reacts to the scene changes thus aids in preventing unwanted events and crimes.

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