New Kipod Office Opened in Toronto

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Kipod strives to expand and explore new markets and recently the company opened a new office in Toronto, Canada. Blending into multicultural environment, Kipod is now having vast opportunities ahead and is aiming to become part of a huge IT community in Toronto.

Kipod is happy to announce that it opened its office in Toronto, Canada, on March 11, 2016. Since Toronto is becoming a rapidly emerging new hub for multinational IT companies, being a viable alternative to California & NYC, Kipod is looking forward to vast opportunities ahead. Among them are simple single site security systems and multi-site enterprise systems, to start with.

Vitaly Vishnepolsky, head of Canadian office, speaks about company’s potential clients:

– All modern service companies that integrate access control systems and video surveillance are our sales target. Those clients implement Kipod IP based video analytics and not only meet their needs today, but also evolve to continually meet the needs of their growing business.

Another benefit of locating the office in Toronto is that the cost of high quality professionals is reasonable, the environment includes many different cultures, financial system is shock absorbing stable and, overall, Toronto has great international reputation.

Speaking about acquiring new clients and market targeting, Vitaly says that Kipod business business development team is actively fronting Kipod Video Analytics in Canada & US, focusing on direct sales and channel partnerships. He adds that they were able to get first Beta clients and distribution agreement signed in 2 months.

It should also be mentioned that North American operations are led by Denis Mishin, co-founder of Kipod. He says: – My relocation from Europe to Toronto was just in time as the product was getting matured. In order to provide individually tailored solutions for our clients we need to be close to them in order to always stay relevant with their requirements.

To sum up, the opening of Synesis office in Toronto will expand the market and opportunities for the company, allowing it to enter new level of business environment and reach out to more potential clients and partners.

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