Ministry of Internal Affairs in Azerbaijan

Ministry of Internal Affairs in Azerbaijan finds Kipod as a suitable tool for searching wanted persons across the whole country. Specially for that case about 500 cameras are permanently connected to the platform, where face recognition module match everyone with database of wanted persons and notify operational units about public threats in the form of criminals. Cameras are installed on crossroads and public places. Ministry of Internal Affairs created a special CCTV-division to operate Kipod and investigating crimes using Synesis’ AI-based solution. Especially for Azerbaijan, Synesis developed unique functionality to search for persons in the passport database, in which include more than 16 million people. During the first three months of the system's operation, 121 wanted criminals were found, who were wanted for three years. Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan) is also known as host for Formula 1 and other mass sport events. During the mass events the number of cameras connected to Kipod platform growth to one thousand. Solution’ flexibility allows to create “black lists” (with persons who are restricted visiting sport events), to identify acts of vandalism, control parking zones near the sporting venues. All this use cases significantly simplifies the holding of events.

Key Features to use

Cloud video surveillance

Interactive city map

Face recognition

National ID database integration

Feature-based face search
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