Kipod Vertical Solutions

Kipod provides all-inclusive subscription-based services as well as complete subscription-free solutions to end-users in the following domains:

Epidemiological monitoring

Control of social distance and isolation measures
by using artificial intelligence.
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Smart City

AI-based video surveillance and alarm monitoring for public safety and security in cities.
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Public Safety

Global intelligent video surveillance and alarm monitoring for Government Authorities.
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Transport Security

Public safety and infrastructure management for rapid transit, such as subway and long distance railway.
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Critical Infrastructure

Counter-terrorism and crime prevention for critical facilities, such as oil terminals, power stations, solar plants, and pipelines.
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Gas Stations

Station safety and security, fuel fraud prevention, POS transaction recording, license plate recognition for business intelligence.
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Sport Venues

Biometric face recognition for stadium entrances and overall security.
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Success Stories

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Monitoring Stations Public Safety Safe Cities
Ministry of Internal Affairs in Azerbaijan
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Monitoring Stations Public Safety Safe Cities Transportation Security
Republican Public Safety Monitoring System
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Safe Cities Transportation Security
Moscow Metro
intelligent video surveillance system
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