A Security Solution for Gas Stations

Leveraging AI, Cloud, and Big Data technologies, Kipod is a cutting-edge solution for Public Safety and Law Enforcement in reference to Gas Stations. Kipod enables instant search across CCTV video data and real-time crime detection using the most advanced machine learning algorithms. Kipod is a collaboration environment for unlimited users from different organizations, analyzing unlimited amounts of data.

Use Cases

Security monitoring of a gas station network

Prevention and investigation of any criminal activities

Fighting against terrorism

Prevention and early detection of emergencies

Situation awareness and first responder guidance in case of emergencies

Key Features

Global Search Engine for Humans, Vehicles, and Events
Alarm Monitoring and Accelerated Response
Intelligent Video Surveillance
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Geoinformation System (GIS)
Scalable Storage
Information Security
Network Operation Control (NOC)

Gas Station Security and Safety Monitoring Diagram


Connecting Unlimited Users on Any Device

Smart Phone
Video Wall

Key Features

Global instant search of human subjects and vehicles
AI-based alarm monitoring with video and audio analytics
Collaboration environment for many users in multiple organizations
Guaranteed retention of video and event data for 30 days or more

Third-Party Information System Integration

Emergency Services
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Point of sale (POS)

Complete Reference Design Based on Standard Hardware

Highly-optimized carrier-class rack solution to connect up to 3,000 cameras, analytics, and 30-day HD video retention with full backup Learn more.

Expected Economic Effect and Results

Doubled operator productivity thanks to AI-based video processing

Accelerated response time and resolution effectiveness

Reduced OPEX thanks to better hardware and human resource utilization

Success Stories

Gas Stations
GO Gas Station Monitoring System
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