All-in-One Analytics Platform Combining

Private Cloud, AI and Big Data Technologies

Your Private Cloud

  • 1 000 000+ users
  • 1 000 000+ cameras
  • 1 000 000+ gigabytes
  • Background software updates
  • No single point of failure
  • Standard equipment
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Person identification
  • Alarm detection
  • Audio recognition
  • Vehicle identification
  • Multiple camera tracking
  • Object classification
Big Data

  • Global search across thousands of locations
  • Facet filters
  • Unlimited search lists of humans and vehicles

Future-Proof Open-Source Infrastructure

Leverage the world’s best technology for reliability, scalability and performance at no extra charge.

Video and Audio Content Search based on Deep Learning

Locate objects and events in a most intuitive way, and minimizes time consuming video review.
View all analytics modules in the appendix to the user guide.

Why Kipod?

Kipod enables a truly global search of video content objects through thousands of locations. Unlike conventional video management systems (VMS), Kipod is based on next generation technologies, widely adopted today by IT giants such as Google and Amazon:
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