Visual Video Content Search With SideTrack Module

 /  Author: Irina Linnik, PR & Marketing Manager  /  Categories: Technology

SideTrack is optimized for outdoor environment with side angle of view. SideTrack detects, tracks and recognizes objects, moving in the field of camera view.

Kipod uses the following search tools to perform search in the video content:

  • Area of interest
  • Signal line
  • Object appearance/disappearance

The user can set certain area of interest on the screen in order to find an event, a person or a vehicle. The area size is not limited and can be set on the whole screen, but in this case there will be too many events to check and the results would not be as precise as the user wishes.

When setting a signal line, the user will then be able to see who crossed the line and thus find a potential trespasser. The system can also notify the user if the line is being crossed, which is a useful tool to use for secured objects, for example.

Kipod also enables the user to find abandoned objects via area of interest. If the user sets SideTrack module and turns on abandoned object detector, he/she will then be able to search the area for abandoned objects. Same as with area of interests, the results will be more precise, if the set area of interest is relatively small.

Before developing its product, Kipod had few challenges to resolve in order to present improved solution for the user.

  1. No requirement for downloading specialized software for database search

In the past, some systems required the user to download specialized software in order to perform database search and set rules and annotations. Kipod allows its users to search the archive without downloading any software. This decreases the time spent on search and allows to instantly perform it. Upon entering the system, the user instantly becomes able to set the search settings and get results.

  1. Multi-user access to the system

Unlike its competitors, Kipod allows access to the system to a number of users. Before, only administrator or specially trained employee could get access, but with Kipod, the access is not limited to one person. Now the number of operators varies and this ensures smooth workflow and eliminates the waiting time for the access.

  1. Search can be performed without setting preliminary rules

In other systems, the rules had to be set in advance in order to perform search. Kipod, by contrast, allows to conduct the search online and right after the event happened, without the necessity to set the rules in advance. This feature significantly increases work efficiency, allows to save operators’ time and timely react on events. In addition, the Kipod user is able to change the rules right from the browser or mobile device online while the rules on other systems cannot be changed and are set only once, before the search is performed.

Kipod SideTrack is designed to reduce the amount of work performed by operators and make it easier and more convenient. As well, by enabling the users to react to the events immediately, the system aids in preventing crime and taking action in order to preserve secure environment.

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