Why Facial Recognition Still Matters in Security Solutions

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Biometric verification has gone a long way, from fingerprints to now widely deployed iris recognition. As well somewhere in the middle lies facial recognition still used maybe by not so many end users, but definitely by a number of other services, such as banks and airports. And it does not seem to disappear as it remains a vital part of modern security solutions. So what is facial recognition and why does it still matter in an overwhelming world of biometrics and video analytics applications?

Facial recognition system is based on artificial intelligence and is able to verify and recognize a face. The recognition process is done in few steps: first, the system detects a face, then aligns, extracts certain features and afterwards match the face to the one in the database. Sounds simple, but the system has to use deep learning neural networks to provide accurate results and ensure satisfactory level of recognition.

Even though it sounds quite efficient, facial recognition has few weaknesses that should be considered, Firstly, the system may not work in certain conditions: when recognizing faces at certain angles and at certain light. As well if a face is covered with glasses or long hair, it may also serve as an obstacle for recognition.

However, facial recognition has its own advantages that are the reason why the system is still widely used for security solutions:

  • Use for mass identification in public places

In places such as airports and train stations facial recognition allows to perform constant monitoring and identification without the need to involve a person (unlike finger print or iris recognition). This enhances public security and allows to timely identify potential criminals (i.e terrorists) thus preventing alarm and dangerous events.

  • Monitoring of employees, trespassers, etc.

Facial recognition is widely used for monitoring employees in business centers and identifying trespassers at secured buildings. This is more time-efficient than having every employee check their finger prints at the entrance and allows to quickly see, whether anyone suspicious entered the building.

  • Ability to search a person in video content archive

If the user wishes to find a certain person, it can be instantly done with video content search by setting a certain image as search parameter. This feature is a highly efficient security solution as it allows the users to instantly search big data and within minutes find required events, featuring this certain person.

Moreover, video content search can be considered an intelligent security asset on its own. Instant search across big data enables the user to find a required information within minutes, thus saving time and allowing the user to take action to prevent a crime, for example. By setting a certain face or event as search parameter, the user can track the person down, see all events featuring these person and monitor similar events.

Kipod video analytics platform possesses all mentioned features and provides strong security solution for businesses and government.

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