AI-Powered Social Distance Control

Isolation tracking by facial recognition. Instant alarm if crowding is detected in public spaces during coronavirus (COVID-19) and other dangerous infections. Dashboard and statistics

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Find and track

Find a person of interest by simply uploading a photo and receive instant results determining where and when this person was spotted.

Don’t have a photo?

Find a person by age, race, gender, glasses, and other features.
Validate the results instantly against all the criminal records.

Traffic violations control

Real-time traffic violations detection:
violations of speed limits, stopping, parking and marking requirements with an instant search for the vehicle number

Messenger-based Collaboration

Get real-time alarm notifications in a chat group and follow the investigation with your security team.
Share evidence photos and videos in the chat.

Super-Fast Video Player

Navigate in time and space in a few clicks.
Locate events in the timeline and send a link to your colleagues.

Big Data API

See the big picture of what is happening in the city.
Count people and vehicles, using standard CCTV cameras.

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